New product sample development

Process flow:

Wax injection - trimming - welding - shell making - dewaxing - roasting - melting - casting - sand remova

l - cutting - grinding - shot blasting - heat treatment - shot blasting - chrome plating - inspection

The product material is: No. 45 steel

Weight: 0.38 kg

Surface treatment: chrome plating

Surface defects of the product produced during the sample production process;

No chrome paint is allowed on the surface

The two hexagons are gate positions

The sample has too much grinding, resulting in inconsistent wall thickness on both sides

The wall thickness difference between the two sides is required to be less than 25 wires

Feeler gauge inspection after shaping, 0.4mm stop is qualified.

1. The material is 45# steel, and the material and mechanical properties refer to ZG310-570;

2. Note that the thickness gap of the hexagonal wall thickness is controlled within 0.25mm;

3. Pay attention to the integrity of blank defects and chrome plating, and chrome plating paint is not allowed;

4. The flatness of the product is within 0.4mm;

5. Individually packed in bubble bags


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